Don’t Shout! Don’t Pout! Stop bugging out…
Lice Tech will teach you what lice are about.

Lice Tech NJ, Lice Removal NJAt Lice Tech, we understand how overwhelming it can be when your child has head lice. For a little bug, head lice are grossly misunderstood. Our certified lice removal technicians will remove your worries... literally. Lice Tech NJ will provide you with all you need to know to get the situation under control. We offer personal and confidential lice removal treatment in the comfort of your own home. All of our technicians are trained and certified in “The Shepherd Method ™”, which utilizes a strand-by-strand technique that ensures every hair has been examined and all lice evidence has been removed. Be sure to visit Lice Tech NJ on Google Plus.


  • Head lice NJ, NJ Head Lice
  • Head lice NJ, NJ Head Lice

Lice Removal and Treatment with 100% Success Rate

Head lice are pesky, itchy little pests that we know you simply can't wait to get rid of. If you or your child has head lice or have suspicions that it may be time to be checked, Lice Tech's trained and certified technicians are here to help. We test EVERY strand of hair making certain ALL lice are gone utilizing the effectiveness of “The Shepherd Method ™. When we're done, you can be confident that you or your child is 100% free of head lice. We also do head lice detection at summer camps and schools to stop these annoying critters right in their tracks.

What Lice Tech of New Jersey is All About

We started Lice Tech on the belief and principles that contracting lice is a misunderstood, common and easily solvable problem. People can often view kid lice as a measure of poor grooming or hygiene. Our company educates parents and children by breaking down myths like these when it comes to head lice. We then offer a surefire method of treatment and removal to allow you the peace of mind at being head lice free.

Shhhh We Won't Tell

The best part of Lice Tech is that our lice removal in New Jersey is privately and confidentially done in the comfort of your own home. That's right; we come to you and perform our lice treatment right on the spot. We conveniently take care of the problem in just one visit and guarantee a 100% success rate.

If you are in need of lice removal in New Jersey or need lice detection services at a school or summer camp in the area, contact our friendly team of experts who will answer all of your questions and concerns. We can be reached at (732) 807-0087.