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Lice Removal NJ, Katie shepherd Lice Tech NJLice Tech NJ is owned and operated by Keren and Claudine. Two moms from Marlboro, NJ whose daughters are best friends.

Lice Tech NJ started when our daughters attended a slumber party at their friend’s house. Two day after this fun-filled event we discovered that our children came home with more than one party favor. Unfortunately, it was the gift that kept on giving, head lice! We were horrified and confused. Everyone was in a panic. There are so many misconceptions and stigmas attached to head lice.

We found that many of the lice treatment products contained toxic pesticides that we were not willing to use on our children’s head. We researched safe, effective methods for the removal of head lice. After treating our own families, we then treated all the girls from the sleepover and their siblings.

Lice Removal NJ

Our experience made us realize that there was a need for education awareness and safe removal options. We want to debunk the myths and reassure parents that lice is not “the end of the world” when treated in a controlled manner.

Therefore, we became trained and certified lice professionals using “The Shepherd Method™” of strand-by-strand technique. We trained at The Shepherd Institute with Katie Shepherd, Founder and CEO, who is recognized as one of the top lice experts in the world. The Shepherd Institute conducts clinical research and product testing and data collection.

Now with Lice Tech NJ, we have the ability to bring education, awareness and a safe removal option to the comfort of your own home.

Don’t get bugged out. Call Lice Tech NJ.

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