Camp Chen-A-Wanda Lice Protocol


Hello CAW Families,

Please take a moment to review the attached Health Center Procedures and
Lice Information.

Camp Chen-A-Wanda Lice ProtocolWe cannot urge you enough to have your camper checked for lice by a
professional lice company before he/she gets on the bus for camp. An ideal
time would be no more than 3 days before camp begins.

As you can see from the information we have provided, if your camper arrives
to camp with an infestation of lice, we can treat, at your expense or depending
on the severity, we may have you come and pick up your camper to treat at

Camp Chen-A-Wanda Lice Protocol

Even though lice is not harmful, it is extremely easy to pass from one head
to another and is incredible disruptive for those who have it. Campers who
arrive to camp with a positive screening of lice, will be removed from their
group in order to begin treatment or may have to go home depending on the
severity of infestation.

This is not an ideal way to start your campers summer so please have your
camper professionally checked in order to eliminate this scenario.

Now that all your heads are itching from all the lice talk, we truly
appreciate you taking preventative measures to ensure your camper arrives
lice free.