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  1. Don’t be embarrassed – There is an unfortunate stigma attached to having head lice.  Head lice do not discriminate.  Personal hygiene is not a factor in contracting head lice.   As long as you have human blood in your body, they will infest your head.  Remember the bugs did not appear on your child’s head out of the clear blue sky.  Someone else around your child must have had it to spread it.  Unfortunately, many of your child’s friends probably have it too.  Sadly, all too often embarrassment prevent parents from doing the right thing by reporting it to the school nurse and/or your child’s friend’s parents.  Wouldn’t it have been nice to get a warning from their parents or the school nurse?  Don’t make the same mistake or the cycle will continue over and over again.
  2. Never be accusatory – No matter who you are talking to, never put blame on one specific child or school.  A better way to approach it is to say “I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but my child has head lice.  You should probably check your child too since they have been spending time together.”  If your speaking to the school just explain to them that you found head lice and they may want to get the word out to the parents.  Schools have been through this many times and will reach out to parents via letter not naming names.
  3. Encourage them to be proactive about the situation – The last thing you want after spending time and money on a treatment is to find out your child has it again two weeks later.  Encourage everyone around you to be checked.  Suggest the school either has the school nurse check all other children in your child’s class or you can recommend that they bring in professionals if there is no one on staff qualified to identify head lice.  Most professionals charge a small fee per head.  If it isn’t in the budget, try to get the PTO/PTA to raise funds.  Most administrators want it out of the school just as much as you do.  Know your school lice policy.
  4. Help educate others – By now, you should have the basic tools necessary to prevent head lice.  Never take for granted that other parents already know the information you have learned.  You can point them in the right direction by referring them to Lice Tech NJ for treatment or education.