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Jennifer Garner Shares Her Theory as to Why George Clooney Didn’t Invite Her to His Wedding
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Hollywood Head LiceEarlier this week, Ben Affleck stopped by NBC’s The Tonight Show to promote Gone Girl. While there, he confessed to Jimmy Fallon that his three children were big fans of the “Let It Go” cover the late-night host performed with Frozen’s Idina Menzel. In fact, Affleck and his wife, Jennifer Garner, often perform his version. “Jimmy, we all have to take the blocks and do the shoulders?” Garner asked on Wednesday.

“I don’t remember doing the shoulders,” Fallon told her.

“You did the shoulders! Trust me! It’s like you’re a member of the family. You’re just on a constant loop in our household,” the actress admitted. “You should see Ben do that. It’s not…oh, God!” Fallon told his guest, “I feel like I am part of your family. You know why? I think I have Ben’s cold. He made me sick.”
“What did you do to get Ben’s cold?” Garner asked as sexy music began to play. Fallon then joked, “Probably just shaking hands. How do you shake hands? You touch tongues? That’s how you do it.”

From one parent to another, Garner warned the first-time father, “You’re just going to get blasted. You’re just gonna get slaughtered—just killed! Forget it!” When the Men, Women & Children actress’ son Samuel Affleck, 2, started preschool last month, she thought she’d finally have mornings to herself.

“I’ve had two mornings in a month without kids home sick. Strep throat, something they call a ‘fever virus,’ another strep throat, and then this hand, foot and mouth situation, which you should really…you don’t want that,” Garner said. Fallon laughed, saying, “Ben Affleck is now banned from my show. He’s not allowed to bring hand, foot and mouth disease onto my show.” Garner replied, “He probably did.”

“That’s not even the worst of it,” Garner continued. “You could come home and get The Call from school. You could get The Call. It is coming your way! The Call is, ‘Hi, Mr. Fallon. Um, this happens a lot, so don’t freak out, but if you could come pick up Winnie. Your daughter has a very treatable case of lice.’” Making fun of Us Weekly’s long-running photo spread, the actress joked, “Stars are just like us!”

After one kid got lice, Garner said, “We all got lice. It’s making me itchy just to talk about it.” After scratching her scalp, she clarified, “This was years ago. It’s not right now. I’m totally fine right now.”

“They have people like the Lice Lady, and they come over and they comb painstakingly through your hair, and then they put something on your hair…It looks like the put Crisco in your hair but you smell a little bit like a mixture of sulfur and rosemary,” Garner explained. “And you do it everyday for a month!”

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