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Detection – Our certified technicians will come to the convenience of your home to screen each family member. We conduct a thorough head check prior to administering any form of treatment. Thin layers of hair are checked for nits and/or bugs. A positive head check will indicate that evidence is found and treatment is necessary. A negative head check will indicate no evidence is found, therefore treatment is not necessary. Evidence is considered to be an actual bug or eggs which will confirm the presence of head lice.

Treatment – Lice Tech NJ uses the only proven method for lice removal “The Shepherd Method™” This is a safe non-toxic pesticide free means of treating head lice. Our technicians use a strand-by-strand technique to ensure that all evidence of lice and nits are removed. We incorporate many safety precautions during our treatment, which ensure that the hair has been checked and rechecked allowing the individual to be treated effectively once. You may return to school or work following Lice Tech NJ one time treatment. We do not believe in using pesticides on our children so we would not use them on yours. Once the lice has been removed the technicians will carefully explain the aftercare instructions. We recommend a re-check 7-10 days after treatment.

Prevention – There are pro-active measures that can be taken. Keeping the hair tied back is very important. It closes the bridge of opportunity that invites lice to spread. Discourage the use of sharing items that regularly come into contact with the head ex: brushes, combs, hair accessories, hats, scares etc. Several natural oils are believed to repel lice. Using these oils daily can help but not guarantee the chance of an infestation. The best way to ensure your child does not get re-infested is if everyone around them is lice free. Communication is the key to prevention and early detection. Be a friend tell a friend.
Lice Tech NJ offers service to schools, camps and other organizations (sports, dance etc.) for head checks. LTNJ can screen your child’s entire sports team and/or facility.