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Thanks Lice Tech NJ

Thanks to lice tech, I’m lice free & feel great! Thanks Keren & Claudine. ​ ​

Lice Tech NJ uses the only proven method for lice removal “The Shepherd Method™” This is a safe non-toxic pesticide free means of treating head lice. Our technicians use a strand-by-strand technique to ensure that all evidence of lice and nits are removed. We incorporate many safety precautions during our treatment, which ensure that the hair has been checked and rechecked allowing the individual to be treated effectively once.

Head Lice Treatment in NJ

You may return to school or work following Lice Tech NJ one time treatment. We do not believe in using pesticides on our children so we would not use them on yours. Once the lice has been removed the technicians will carefully explain the aftercare instructions. We recommend a re-check 7-10 days after treatment.