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Summer Camp is an iconic part of the summer experience for many kids in New Jersey and New York.  These gorgeous rural areas play host to some of the most beautiful children’s camps in the country.  Unfortunately, camps are also great places for lice infestations to spread, since they have a large amount of children coming into close contact with each other.

People still wrongly associate lice with the stigma of being dirty or unwashed.  While lice may be able to thrive in dirty environments, the reality is that lice can occur at any camp, no matter how well-kept the camp is.  Even the cleanest of children are exposed to lice, and all it takes is a single child with lice to put an entire camp at risk.

It is important for summer camps to have an established lice control policy.  Unfortunately, experts disagree about the best policies.  The National Pediculosis Association recommends removing children with lice from group environments until completely cleared of infestation, while the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the American Academy of Pediatrics recommend treatment and prevention, but do not mandate removal of an impacted individual from the group setting.  It is important for camps to have an established policy so that all campers and staff know what to expect in the event of an infestation.  Part of that lice control policy needs to include comprehensive training in lice identification for all staff members, and an established reporting and treatment protocol.  Catching lice early can prevent an outbreak.  These head checks should be done by a certified lice technician.  If the camp policy is to treat impacted children at the camp, then safe treatment options need to be available.  Lice Tech NJ will come to your camp to help with education awareness, head checks and treatment.  Lice Tech can teach staffers what they need to be aware of and other steps they should take to prevent re-infestation of an afflicted child.

The best way to keep your Summer Camp facility lice free is to be proactive.  Our lice removal  technicians can check one group or the entire camp facility.  Your parents will appreciate the positive measures you put into place to keep their children safe.

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